Now we’ve got nothing against the traditional towel; it serves us very well at home. But it was never designed for the cut and thrust of sport, travelling or adventure and it definitely doesn’t make the grade when it comes to the beach either. Our towels do.

We didn’t come up with them overnight though. First, there was exhaustive research to conduct, materials to source, patterns to design, prototypes to test… And that’s just scratching the surface. The journey has been a long one, but the end result is a product we couldn’t be more proud of – an innovative microfibre towel that solves problems not worth putting up with.

And our name? Well, ‘keep the faith’ started as a motivational cry made by one of our much-loved friends who sadly passed away some years ago. His wise words live on through us though. In fact, we’ve been keeping the faith ever since. It’s what got us where we are today.

Deb & Friends