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About Us

Ever noticed how much space your sports towel or picnic blanket takes up in your bag? Or had to lug a sodden towel back from the beach? Us too – so being the practical folk that we are, we decided to see if we could do something about it.

We have nothing against the traditional towel; it serves us very well at home. However it was never designed for the cut and thrust of sport, travelling the world or going on adventures. It definitely doesn’t make the grade when it comes to the beach either. Our towels do.

We didn’t come up with them overnight though. First we undertook exhaustive research into the what would be the perfect materials to use and where to source them. What patterns and designs we would like to see. Leading us to testing multiple prototypes. That was just scratching the surface of creating these game changing towels. The journey has been a long one, but the end result is a product we are incredibly proud of – an innovative microfibre towel that solves problems. Allowing us to enjoy our trips to the gym and the perfect item to pack for holidays.

And our name? Well, ‘keep the Faith’ started as a motivational cry made by one of our much-loved friends who sadly passed away some years ago. His wise words live on through us though. In fact, we’ve been keeping the faith ever since. It’s what got us where we are today.

Deb & Friends

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Perfect for the beach

Perfect for the beach

This is a wonderful towel for the beach as it is sand repellent and is large enough to cover your sun lounger.

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Gym, Sports and Acitivies

Gym, Sports and Acitivies

No matter what exercise you love our towels will save space in your gym bag, be lighter to carry and be easy to wash and dry quickly ready for the next workout.

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Brilliant for our furry friends

Brilliant for our furry friends

Our towels are not only brilliant for us but for our pets too. They are super absorbent, quick to wash and dry. Plus our towels are made in such a way that pet hair will not stick as much.



“I’ve never had a microfibre towel before and I have to say the feel is very soft, they fold up to the size of a small lunch-box. Very handy for packing away. You can get them soaking wet on the sand then just shake them off. 1/2 hour later they’re dry enough to dry yourself. Kids love the feel and you’re not continuously telling them to keep sand off them. Great product. I’m going to be using these in the gym from now on.”

Gary & George, St Albans

“I love it when I buy a product that perfectly matches the description. “Game changing towels” It is exactly that! Thank you guys for creating a fabulous towel, it was a hit on our holiday and it looks very stylish around the house too.”

The Cook family, London

“I was a bit sceptical at first so only purchased two hair towels and two beach towels, but having used them this week on holiday, I’ll be replacing all of my towels at our Spanish apartment! The beach towels in particular, were life-changing. My daughter and I were in and out of the pool all afternoon and it was refreshing to not have to sit on a wet towel while we sun bathed, and to be able to dry off quickly each time!”

John, Spain

“I saw you at a school fair in London back in May and bought one of your large towels. I’ve been giving it a thorough testing and have found it to be excellent. I’ve used other microfibre towels but these are so much better!”

Grant, Scotland

"Amazing Service!!!We needed more towels whilst we were on holiday in Greece.Called the Customer Service and they organised to send us four extra large towels all they way to a remote island in the middle of the Aegean Sea.
The towels are amazing its our second year using them....cant do a beach holiday with out them."


"Keep the faith came highly recommend. I received these stylish towels and picnic blanket, in cute little bags, within a day ot two of ordering. Amazed by how light weight and super absorbent they are. Bright, happy colours and stylish design."


"Brilliant towels drys you in a heartbeat , much quicker and better than normal beach towels .
Large sizes but takes small space in your bag.
The quality is superb and the design is bright and colourful .Washes very well , super super absorbent and absolutely perfect for holiday.

Great seller , thank you very much 😘😘
Highly recommend"


"We got some of these towels last year for our Cornwall trip and we’ve ordered some more as were off again. I really like the way they fold down to the size of a lunchbox. Good quality and would recommend."


“These are incredible towels. They are so much more absorbent and fast drying than you can imagine. I now have the full set in all the different sizes. Small hair towel, large gym towel which doesn’t pad out my gym bag and extra large towel for home and travel. I also love the colours they are happy, bright and the design is very contemporary. I recommend them to everyone, especially those who travel a lot and gym friends too.”

Sisley, London